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It is the mission of the Oregon Department of Forestry to serve the people of Oregon by protecting, managing, and promoting stewardship of Oregon's forests to enhance environmental, economic, and community sustainability.

This web page is intended to serve as a reference place for media and others to find information about what is happening at the department

Agency Affairs Program Media Contacts

The department's Agency Affairs Program staff are available to respond to media inquiries.  Staff are each assigned to work with specific programs and provide in-depth information on program activities.

Mailing Address:
Oregon Department of Forestry
Agency Affairs Program
2600 State Street
Salem, OR  97310
FAX#: 503-945-7212 

Fire Season
During Fire Season, which can run from late May through October, Agency Affairs Staff rotate Fire Duty - serving as the first point of contact for information during and outside of regular business hours about fires on lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.  Duty Officers issue Daily Fire Updates that are provided to media outlets and also posted on the agency's webpage. If you have questions at any time about fires on department-protected lands, you may page the duty officer at 503-370-0403 and the duty officer will respond promptly.

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